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Dec 7, 2020

Steven Forth, managing partner at the technology data company Ibbaka and an active member of the global design thinking community, explains why ‘resilience’ and ‘scenario planning’ are the new normal replacing the simple search for efficiency at today’s organizations. In this fascinating webcast, Steven explains why we are facing an increased need to develop new skills to help us be more resilient enable us to adapt to many possible futures as the likelihood of dramatic changes in markets and other worldwide issues increases.

Steven goes on to explain that we are entering a fluid time in which there may be no one new normal. He reveals that there is a natural tension between resilience, adaptation and efficiency. As such. only resilient organizations are likely to survive (as opposed to purely the most efficient). He also talks about the idea of ‘Agile Scenario Planning’, where critical uncertainties come to the fore and contrasts the waterfall nature of the classic approach.